by Dani

Today attached to my front door was a business card left by the state constable.

This is never good.

On it was written my father’s name with, “Please Call.”

Now realistically, how much trouble can a seventy seven year old man get into?

Still, similar to hearing the wail of the siren and seeing the lights of a police cruiser behind you – knowing you are going the speed limit-  your stomach still drops the floor.

Turns out my father is being sued. This I actually find pretty funny. Papa was in a fender bender last year.  Turning into a parking lot. In first gear. At best the damage didn’t surpass the deductible. Yet he is being sued. By our town’s most over the top, billboard toting lawyer. (you locals know who I’m talking about)

This is what happens when you live in a nice house and drive a fancy sports car. Perception is reality.

Last weekend my husband and I were at a local charity event with 300 of our neighbors. We bumped into our mailman who inquired about my father. We swapped stories about inlaws and he told us how they just took his mother in law off the road. Then he commented, “You’ve got nothing to worry about. Your father drives so slow that if he hit a dog he wouldn’t even maim it.”

So while papa is clearly shaken up by the thought of going to court, I say, bring it on. Take an old man through the ringer and see if you can squeeze his social security check out of him. I dare you.