Brave New World

by Dani

Today is our first official full day back at home. Our mail has been held for some time and while we were gone it appears our seven year old daughter has started to get her own mail. Company Kids, Mini Boden, American Girl, Halloween Express and a dozen other kid’s catalogues. My father likes to sit with the kids and sort through them marveling at the array of fancy things you can buy your children. The costume catalogue sparks the most conversation. Papa can’t retain his own street address so the fact that the kids can name every character from every film, tv show or cartoon every created is simply mind boggling to him. The part of the exercise that I enjoyed best was when he turned over this full color, glossy marvel to reveal the back cover and the affixed mailing label. “Hey! look at that! They put your name on it!” As if only the best customers get their catalogues monogrammed. Keep the dream alive Papa.