by Dani


“Hi Pop.”

“Hi Dani. It’s not your father. It’s Flint Audio. We have your dad here with his television to be repaired.”

“Oh, great! He found you.”

“Yes. We just need your last name and phone number to send the tv out for repair.”

I want a show of hands. Who’s father out there doesn’t know their last name or phone number? I see one. Oh, wait. That’s my sister. Anyone else??

I don’t know many people that watch as many hours of television as my father does. I really should call Nielson. It’s a waste of his time and talent to not have him in the ratings mix. In a mere four years he has logged enough hours on a brand new HD LG that the screen officially gave up.

When dad moved in with us his cardiac surgeon told me I would have two maybe three years tops with him if, and only if, he made some significant lifestyle changes.

Four years later- maybe it’s the salt air, maybe it’s the grandchildren, maybe it’s my meatloaf, but he has managed to outlive modern technology. I believe he may outlive me.

God bless you Papa.