by Dani

I never sit on the couch. I have to sit on my hands and bind my ankles in order to stay seated. It is my cross to bear. I’m busy by nature so when I do sit down I’m looking for peace and quiet and potentially a good cry over my show The Biggest Loser.

I like to invite Papa to join me when I watch TBL not only log in some family time together, but to show him how fitness could change his life. A stretch I know, but indulge me.

Watching tv with Dad always makes me look over my shoulder in case I’m on Candid Camera or being Punked. The comments are endless and put forth without a filter. I.e.”Is Beyonce colored?” (cringe)

His running stream of random thoughts makes it clear to me where my gift of gab comes from.
Do my friends wish I’d just shut up like I wish he would right now? If so, I will share a little secret. I keep a sticky note on my computer screen that reads, “shut up.” Take solace. I am self aware.

But back to the show. Clearly there is a level of motivation that can be achieved here on the couch as Dad and I enjoy our 90 calorie Fiber One brownies.

“What do these people have to run? 26.2?” yes Dad. “That’s tiring just to drive”

“How much is a gym membership?”

“I think I’ll start swimming and using the treadmill at the Y.”

“Do they have a sauna?”

“I’d like to swim. I could watch people swim.”

“Forty pounds would make all the difference. If I was 185 I’d feel great”

“I should hang out at the Y instead of the pub.”

So thank you Biggest Loser. While these thoughts will likely vanish as quickly as they arrived, they gave me a glimpse of what could be.